Join us on the 9th February for the IoT Tribe Space Endeavour Tech Games to hear about some of these solutions, from space-tech enabled cybersecurity for complex supply chains to low-earth orbit picosats.




Timings indicated below are in CET (GMT+1).

10:00 Welcome

  • Samantha Clark, Stakeholder and Content Lead, IoT Tribe
  • Brendan Rowan, Programme Manager, Space Endeavour

10:10 The Decade of Space

  • Frank Salzgeber, Head of Innovation and Ventures Office, ESA

10:30 Tribe Spacetech

10:45 Old Tricks for New Space – Scaling Tech, Teams & Markets: A market view

Moderated by Tanya Suárez, Founder, IoT Tribe

  • Shaun Stretton, Lead for Space Control and Information Solutions Sector, CGI
  • Esperanza Cuenca, Senior Leader, Major European Banking Institution
  • Vincent Clot, Open and Business Innovation Leader, Thales Alenia Space France
  • Americo Lenza, Portfolio Director, Hive, British Gas

11:10 Tribe Spacetech

  • Asvin – securing IoT devices in the field
  • Geckomatics – AI powered mobile mapping

11:25 Old Tricks for New Space – Scaling Tech, Teams & Markets: An Investor Fireside Chat

Moderated by John Spindler, AI Seed and CEO, Capital Enterprise

  • Martin Gonzalez, Investment Manager, Nekko VC
  • Uli Fricke, CEO, FunderNation

11:50 Tribe Spacetech

  • ARX Alliance – enabling cyber-security across complex supply chains
  • HD Signs – hyperlocal logistic data for optimised route planning
  • Secapem – explainable AI in Defence

12:10 Closing Remarks and virtual networking

12:15 Networking

13.00 End

IoT Tribe Space Endeavour Accelerator

The programme intends to expand the impact and adoption of European Space Tech by bringing together Space start-ups, SMEs, entrepreneurs and the IoT ecosystem to increase commercial relevance of the technologies across industrial sectors and accelerate their access to market and/or scaling.

Taking European space tech, integrated surveillance networks, data from Copernicus, satellites, and micro constellations for secure communication, computer vision from fighter pilots, and integrating into market-ready solutions across verticals.